This project is the result of a collaboration between the University of Helsinki and the University of Tampere. From the University of Helsinki, the project team members come from: the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, and Faculty of Educational Sciences. From the University of Tampere the project team comes from the Faculty of Management.

The project received funding from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. The funds came from the ‘Circular economy teaching for all levels of education’ project’s open call, made by Sitra.

The project team and their main contributions:

Laura Riuttanen, University of Helsinki – Project Chief

Nina Nygren, University of Tampere – Part 2 (Leading societal transition)

Erkki-Jussi Nylen, University of Tampere – Part 2 (Leading societal transition

Janne Salovaara, University of Helsinki – Parts 1 (Challenges of sustainability) and 3 (Professional changemakers)

Ksenia Tabakova, University of Helsinki – Part 1 (Challenges of sustainability)

Steering group:

Hannele Cantell, University of Helsinki

Anni Kangas, University of Tampere

Markku Kulmala, University of Helsinki

Nani Pajunen, Sitra

Janna Pietikäinen, University of Helsinki

Taina Ruuskanen, University of Helsinki

Riitta Silvennoinen, Sitra

Course videos, graphics and website production:

Valovirta, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences